Patio awnings provide solutions to many domestic and commercial shading requirements with modern materials now able to give true all year round protection form sun and rain. Most awnings are used for sun protection during the summer months but can slo provide protection from light rain all year round.

Patio awnings have now been developed to perform with heavier rainfalls using stronger materials and arm systems that are fitted with a degree of angle away from the house so the water will not sit on the top, also incorporating a wind sensor to retract your awning backing the cassette that it lives in if you go out and leave it out and you get some windy weather roll in.

All our patio awnings are made to order with many options available for each awning model particularly in material choice with most of the leading manufacturers offering over 100 different material colours and styles. A fully cassetted model will house itself in its own cassette which is part of the awning fitted to the wall that will keep it dry and out the way of the elements over the winter months. A valance can be added to the front of the awning if you prefer which can be removed when not used.

Polyester fabric or acrylic fabrics are available with over 150 different colours and styles, acrylic fabrics are becoming more popular as there is a lot less colour fading with acrylic fabrics.

Controlling your awning

The automatic retraction and extension of a patio awning is now very much a common installation feature not only to protect the awning cover but also to control light and heat into rooms. Sun, wind and rain sensors control the patio awnings and accessories such as built in lighting, front drop down valances and heaters can enhance the whole experience of using your patio awnings throughout the year.

Full installation is included and all electrical work is done by a qualified electrician.

Manual operation awnings are also available but these cannot include sun, wind or light sensors.

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