What is an awning?

An Awning is an outdoor covering which is attached to the exterior wall of a building with brackets. Awnings are usually made of acrylic synthetic fabrics which is attached to a metal frame to provide shelter from both sun and rain throughout the different seasons.

What are the benefits of having an awning

Awnings offer all year round protection from sun and rain for your outside area. Awnings are a great place to put outside furniture under, they can be used in most weather conditions.
Our awning fabrics have been developed to perform well with light to moderate rainfall conditions and light wind conditions. You can also add a wind sensor to retract your awning back in if you go out you get some windy weather roll in.

Privacy can also be increased with an awning which lets you enjoy your space with a little extra privacy. Placing your awning over your french doors or windows will also provide protection for furniture from harmful UV rays inside your home and also decrease the heat coming into your house.

An awning is a great space to put outside furniture and provides a nice sheltered space to enjoy a drink or a meal. The benefit being that the awning is retractable so if you want to sit in the sunshine then you can do so with ease.

All our Awnings can either be operated manually or electrically operated with a remote control handset.

Our range of awnings

All of our awnings are made to order with over 100 different materials, colours and styles. Up to a maximum 6.0 metre in width and 3.0 metre projection
A fully cassetted model will house itself in its own cassette which is part of the awning fitted to the wall that will keep it dry and out of the way of the elements over the winter months if necessary.
A valance can be added to the front of the awning if you prefer.Full installation is included and all electrical work is done by a qualified electrician.


To conclude, our awnings are a great long term investment especially with our huge range of colours and styles meaning that you can match it with the interior and exterior design of your home.