Roller Blinds

Our Roller blinds are ask made to measure and can be made for both small and large windows up to 3.5 metres wide for both residential and commercial properties.

When choosing roller blinds for example in the bedroom they can be used as the main window covering in the recess or on the outside on the wall , or to compliment your curtains. If you prefer a roller blind as a feature at your window you can add a scallop on the bottom or eyelets.

Roller Blinds are perfect as well for the office environment as space is sometimes an issue they don’t take much room up in the recess.

The range of fabrics suitable for your office is large including standard fire retardant fabrics offering privacy and light control up to blackout fabrics for greater light and heat control.

Waterproof fabrics are also available for your roller blinds, wet rooms are becoming more popular now so a waterproof blind is a good option for those.

Above all, you want your roller blinds to look good and to compliment your room, therefore, it is important to research our options and compare product features to ensure that you make the right choice.

Colour choice

We use fabrics from all the main manufacturers and have a very good choice of colours, textures and patterns from a simple white to a Shocking pink with prices to suit all budgets.


Our Roller Blinds are all made to measure from small to large sizes, making them a great idea to shade your conservatory for privacy or from the sun. They can help reduce light levels and help regulate temperature levels in the summer and winter months.

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