Roman Blinds

In comparison to the other blinds, roman blinds create a much softer and warm feel to your room, the beautiful soft folds of the fabric looks very good when open or closed either in the recess or fitted outside of the recess. Romans all come lined either with a standard lining to allow a degree of light to come through or a blackout to stop maximum light coming through for example in the bedroom.

Romans are fast becoming a very good alternative to curtains, if you fit them outside of the recess of the window the light control is much better as the light coming in is greatly reduced, also they become more of a feature of the room rather than just a blind to control the light.

Your roman blinds are a great way to express your creativity without dominating the whole room. When choosing the fabric you want to ensure it works with your existing decor less of course you re completely revamping the look of the room! At Wigston Blinds and Awnings we have a stunning range of fabrics to compliment any space. If your have quite plain walls then consider roman blinds with a pattern- this can instantly inject style into a drab room.

We make sure all our Roman Blinds are fitted with a child safety clip designed to keep the chain out of reach and tidy, also available is a new breakfree mechanism on the headrail that doesn’t need a clip.

Color choice

Roman blinds come in a rainbow of colours and neutral tones, these roman blinds will give your home a decadent look with an elegant and refined finish.


Measuring your window for made to measure venetian blinds is easy providing you know where to measure, luckily we have years of experience, all you need to do is contact us and we will take care of the rest.

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