Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden venetian blinds have become very popular over the last few years, many people are now moving away from having curtains or nets and prefer to go for a clean looking natural alternative such as wood blinds.

The beauty of wood makes wooden venetians a good choice for your home, they can make your windows become a great focus point.

Wooden Venetian blinds are very good for light control as they rotate up and down you can control the light coming in and also the amount passers by can see in as well. You can tilt them slightly to give you privacy whilst still getting natural light into your room.

The same virtues for privacy also make them good ideas for security as even when fully closed if you leave a light on a timer it can appear someone is home.

For bedrooms it is the control of light that makes Wooden Venetians ideal. The slats can be rotated to stop people looking up into the room whilst still allowing some light in the room.

When fully closed although not completely blacking out your window the light control is good if you are not having curtains.

Color choice

With a choice of 11 colours and 3 different slat sizes there is a colour choice to suit all rooms, with stained wood colours and painted whites and creams, add a tape option to your blind to give them a different look either in a colour to match or a contrast colour.


With 4 slat sizes available go for a slim looking bling with a 25 mm slat size up to a wide slat size which tend to be most popular at the moment to give you a look a bit like shutters but at a fraction of the cost.

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